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inSAFE Hybrid Cloud Based Secured File System

inSAFE is a security system designed to meet the demands of hybrid cloud storage and backup, which helps enterprises in using hybrid cloud based file system with inSAFE security server in more reliable and convenient way.

inSAFE Hybrid Cloud Based File Security Solution

  • Integrate heterogeneous cloud platforms for single sign on (SSO)
  • Encrypt data files contained in cloud to protect them from theft by hackers
  • Auto encryption and decryption proxy without any change in users’ file accessing behavior
  • Support full range of computers and mobile device platforms for fast and easy browsing into encrypted data saved in cloud
  • Enhanced authentication with OTP, certificate, and smart card support


inSAFE received 「Top 100 Awards in ICT Month」

Hybrid Cloud: Its Rise

Installation of either public or private cloud system has been being prioritized by every enterprise IT recently. Syncing and sharing enterprise files by leased or self-owned solutions benefits businesses in their mobilization and collaboration planning.

Hybrid Cloud: Its Challenge

1. Hard to defense against hacker attacks The well-recognized functions of file sharing, file syncing, and cross-device environment access leaves hackers with even more invasion spots exposed to ever-changing network attacks due to its cross-platform and multi-environment nature.

2. Hard to manage heterogeneous cloud platforms Heterogeneous cloud platforms is virtually the same as adding individual warehouse at different locations with more or less differences which, in turn, brought extra burdens over both system administrators and users.

3. Security of third-party public cloud Data loss issues originated by vulnerability of platforms operated by cloud service providers are now hot topics in every IT application field. With the rising tide of big data analysis, it’s even harder to prevent files exposed in cloud from abuses by unauthorized personnel.

Enterprise Application

ISO document management / Knowledge management(KM) / R&D team management / Financial data management / Operation data archiving / Departmental collaboration / Personal data protection / Megadata encryption / Two-factor authentication

NFS / SAMBA / CIFS Communication Protocol

(Support NAS, QNAP, and the like from each leading brands)

Third-Party Public Cloud / Customized Interface

(Dropbox / Google Drive / One Drive /...)

Secure Cloud

  • Protect corporate cloud storage system.
  • Integrate cloud storage system information for cloud space sharing.
  • Encrypt and sync file cabinet to cloud space.

Secure Access

  • Support file encryption protection over local disk, NFS and NAS systems. 
  • Independent read/write permission settings for individual file cabinet. 
  • Out-of-office mode: Set up device / time span / permission for users when being out of office.

Intuitive And User Friendly

  • Web based management interface. 
  • No changes required in using the system. 
  • Built-in management system operation wizard assists administrators do their works easily by following online instructions.

Flexible Permission

  • Share department permissions by setting up user groups.
  • Edit data of members and set up their permission by administrators.
  • Adjust safety cabinet and directory with flexibility and apply different permissions to each one of them.

Comprehensive Protection

  • File name encryption
  • Access log management: Operation log-user / time / file / path /device / activity.
  • Administrator operation log retrievable.
  • System diagnosis log retrievable.

Carry Out Secured Commercial Mobility

The Agent supports full range of mobile devices including smartphones and tables and provides comprehensive document encryption protection.

Enhanced Remote Backup Security

Ensure data security over remote backup solution with either independent data center or cloud disk.

Solid Tiered Permission Management Flow

Addressing project allocation and cross-team execution popular in enterprises, administrators may set up permission of individual project member for effective management.

Comprehensive File Access Log

In addition to protection mechanism, the system features proof functions, which record each and every operation activity for company’s review and archiving.

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